Pattaya Girls-Go Go Girls Review

Within the major strip club district on the south side of Pattaya, named “walking street”, and all the small streets that cut off from it. Also found Pattaya Girls at the north end of the city along 3rd road.Sweeter than kittens in a basket of yarn. I love these women the most. These are the warmest Pattaya girls you will meet during your stay because they are the classiest of the working girls. Your appearance means nothing. These Pattaya girls will cuddle up next to you like you are the last man on planet earth.

1000 baht for “short time rooms” (small hotels built next to the GoGo clubs) for 1 hour, all the way to 3000 baht (90usd) for a full night at your hotel. When you enter the club of your choice, at least one girl will attempt to sit with you. If you don’t like that particular girl, wait until a prettier girl is finished dancing and then wave HER over instead. I always wave women to join me because it’s considered normal in Pattaya. They actually LIKE IT because it means having a new customer that they didn’t have 5 seconds prior.

They even get excited when you do it. Make small talk with her, and after 5 minutes or so, she will ask for a drink (usually about 120 baht, or 4usd). Men typically buy the girl a drink or two, but you can skip this step completely and she won’t be upset. If you mention that you want to take her home, she will generally agree. You’ll have to pay a bar fee of around 500 baht (15usd) over and above the costs mentioned above, directly to the manager, and she is yours. No matter what price she brings up, she’ll always go lower if you don’t seem interested. These girls crack me up because they are like car salesmen.