Things You Should Know About Web Design

Making website design happen like to believe that website design and optimisation can and should go hand in hand, not necessarily so. In this site you will see examples of websites which have appear at the top of website search engines and we will start to explain how we think it is done.This is not a site which tells you what is good, what website design will do Website Design for your business or how to address the now timeless question of what to do to get your site listed in major web search engines.Between them Google, Yahoo and MSN comprise an estimated* 60% of the users who search the web and the key is getting a foot in their door.

Google and it’s “academic” (waves two pairs of fingers in the air) approach to opening its search databases and archives to developers and researchers alike have paved the way in matching keyword indexes against pay-per-click advertising to allow Search Engine specialists to gain access to these archives. This is the first thing to do: sign up for a Google Adword account.

Google is your friend-Once you have this in hand start looking at the options therein marked under Webmaster Tools, Google likes to be given a heads-up to what your website has to offer in its tireless quest to seek relevance (whole separate issue on sidebar).The title of this section may lead you to think that the author has some allegance or link to free Googleness (cue World Domination Laugh), nah. It’s a fact that Google has and will be the biggest Search Engine on the Web and any designer or developer with a few brain cells will harness that for website design techniques which succeed.